Why nobody wants to go to church anymore


Yeah that’s all nice but we really aren’t interested.

Whether you’re Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or an atheist, one thing is clear to you: church attendance is in decline. Everybody knows that part of mainstream Christian tradition involves going to church every Sunday. As I’ve mentioned before, I once went to church at a young age, but quit a little while afterwards. But think about it, what’s the point of going to church anyway? All you’re doing is spending an hour in some old building, listening to guy ramble on about how you’re going to Hell (which you totally aren’t), while giving you a false sense of comfort about how “God is watching you and keeping you safe”. All the priest is saying is “believe what I believe, or you’ll go to this imaginary place I’m making up when you die”.

At this point, anyone can see why church attendance is in decline; people don’t see the point in spending one hour every Sunday listening to a guy rambling on about things that, as far as they’re concerned, aren’t important in their lives. They see the priest as someone trapped somewhere outside reality, shouting things designed to induce fear, obedience, and blind faith, and to discourage skepticism. And before you say anything, it’s the church’s job to discourage skepticism, it’s how religion has survived for so long, because your religion can’t survive if it’s believers start questioning everything about it.

Also, there has been a growing sense of distrust towards the church that’s been going on for decades since the various revelations of sexual abuse carried out by men of the church. Anyone would think that’s fishy, because the church stresses that we “help the innocent”, whilst a few priests went along harming them. Anybody can understand why somebody would not want to be part of a religion whose priests were accused of being complicit in sexual abuse of the worst kind. Unfortunately, that too has been taken way out of context by media sensationalism, contributing to reduced popularity of the church.

The most worrying part is what the church is teaching our children. They’re teaching children to fear the wrath of God, and feeding them with the illusion that anything they do could be a sin that sends them to eternal hellfire when they die.

it's a sin

“It’s a, it’s a, it’s a…”

That, my humble viewers, is what’s known as indoctrination. It occurs all the time in faith schools, it happens in a small way in most normal schools, and the more religious politicians want it to continue, in spite of how blatantly immoral and, some might say, un-Christian. The church takes advantage of fragile young minds in order to warp them into little soldiers of God. Thank God I quit church when I did.

Another part of church is singing age-old hymns about death, the afterlife, God, Satan, the works. The hymns, rather than warming my heart and soul, created an atmosphere of fear around me that fed me the idea that I was going to have to die someday, implanting a subliminal fear of death that nowadays is lying pretty dormant. But still, that’s what happens when you implant the fear of Hell, and the idea of death and the afterlife into a child’s mind so you can control them. This is why religion is losing ground to atheism, because the religious institutions can’t prove they actually have the moral high ground.

The point remains, church attendance is declining, especially in Europe. That says a lot about the growing irreligious nature of our society. But, you know what, I’m beginning to think that you don’t need a church to be part of your of life to be a Christian. In fact, I’m sure we’d be happier without it. The church nowadays serves only one purpose: making money. Religion pays no taxes, and makes tons of money every year. All of that money could have been better used to actually help communities in need. We could have had the cure for cancer by now if it weren’t for wastes of taxpayer money like Church. It’s a waste of money because it doesn’t do anything other than take up space, and bore you to death.

sleeping on sunday

Admit it, you’d rather do this than go to church.

Well, that’s about all I need to say on this matter. In conclusion, you don’t need church to be a good person. You can do that on your own, which is something that church can’t really help you achieve, no matter how many times the Christian church will tell you otherwise.


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