The mistakes of our parents shouldn’t be our mistakes

Let’s face it, the Baby Boomer generation has sold itself out. In the 1960’s, they were the hippies who bravely protested against the Vietnam War, against nuclear war, against sexism, against pretty much everything the established order stood for. But when the 60’s ended, it was as though they gave up on peace, love and freedom.

Degenerate sell-outs pictured here.

The baby boomers are now utterly divided in terms of politics. Some kept their ideals, some led a more rational version of ideas, some became the spokespeople for the very ideals they fought and nearly died to oppose. Others just let themselves become clay dolls, listening to whatever slant on the story the media was giving.

As for our parents, them and the rest of the Baby Boomers would find a girl, rush into a marriage they weren’t really happy or responsible enough for, and rush into a career. The result of that is a lifetime of unhappiness for our parents, and it’s their own damn fault. But they’re making us young people feel miserable about it.

You see, the media is run by the Baby Boomer sell-outs, so they have the power to make their opinions a common stereotype. With this power in mind, what are they making us believe? Well, everything they used to believe, but don’t actually believe in any more. But also, they’re using the media to try and tell us young people how to live our lives. How? By inducing stereotypes designed to single out those who don’t live in a specific way.

The Baby Boomer sell-outs who run the media want us young people to learn to drive at exactly 17 years old or younger, get laid before they’re 20, and move into a house or apartment of their own before they’re married, and have kids in their mid-20’s. Oh, and they also expect us to believe whatever the media tells us, and they produce a stigma against anyone who doesn’t meet every expectation in this paragraph. These are unrealistic and immoral expectations in today’s world because:

  1. In these times of economic hardship, more and more young people can’t afford a house of their own, and have no choice but to live with their parents.
  2. Our society is dominated by the Internet.
  3. Some cultures expect people to stay with their parents until they’re married, and they prize the extended family.

What makes this even worse is that whenever the media wants to represent people who still live with their parents, they will only depict them in a manner that reinforces the stereotypes, which are either (a), “a jobless loser who can’t do anything himself”, or (b), “a fat computer game nerd riddled with skin problems, and no social ability”.

Here’s why I think the stereotype is offensive. (1), I’m 18 at this moment and still haven’t had driving lessons because my dad assumes that my autism will hinder my concentration, which means I may have to wait till I’m 22, which admittedly sucks. (2), I haven’t had sex yet, and that’s because I’m humble enough to accept that I’m not ready for it yet. (3), I don’t have my own house yet because, dude, I’m only 18 and slightly poor, not the Prince of Zamunda!

eddie murphy

Not even half as cool.

I’ll fully admit, many of the stereotyping is done by the American media. But the American media does have a strong influence here in the UK, and with it come all the stereotypes.

We’re the next generation! We have the right to make our own decisions, and live life our own way. I think our Baby Boomer elders want to suppress our choices not to protect us, but because it makes them feel better about their own lives, the lives they made miserable for themselves, and have every opportunity to make it better, but don’t anyway. They’re fearful that we’ll turn out better then them, which I think we will. They want us to make the same mistakes as them so that nothing will change before they die. I say we must rise above it! If we don’t want the same mistakes to happen tomorrow, then we as the next generation must assert ourselves, and stand for what we demand.

We can’t let the Baby Boomer sell-outs tell us what they think is right for us. After all, they can’t even judge that for themselves anymore. The age of our hippie ancestors has ended in failure, we need a new age with which to correct the mistakes of the past.


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