The myths of alcohol

With the Christmas party season coming soon, I think I should make this next post about alcohol. It’s pretty hard to gripe about alcohol without sounding like a dry crusader. I’m not saying that drinking alcohol is immoral. But given how much harm it can do, how much misery it causes, and how it suffocates our NHS, I’m amazed that it’s still legal, or even socially acceptable. I’m not here for my opinion of alcohol. I’m here to clear up some myths about alcohol that you yourself might believe.


Myth #1 – “Drinking makes you feel happy” – No it does not. You may appear happy, but alcohol is actually a depressant, in that it depresses your body by slowing down the functions of the nervous system, and it blocks some messages that try to reach the brain. You know when you wake up from a hangover and you feel absolutely terrible? What happened is that you didn’t sleep after you got drunk. You actually became unconscious a while after you’re drunk.


Myth #2 – “Alcoholism is a disease, and you are powerless to control your drinking” – This is a myth that Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) loves to pass around. It’s how they brainwash people into their cult. They use it to make people suffer the illusion that you are powerless unless you turn yourself over to God. The reality is that you can control how often you drink. You just can’t control yourself when you’re drunk. If you’re going to drink alcohol at all, remember the m-word – moderation. If you like alcohol, don’t drink all the time. Don’t drink every night. Only drink once every so often.


Myth #3 – “Everyone drinks beer at some stage” – Once again, this is false. You don’t need alcohol to enjoy your life. Some people, like me, don’t even drink at all, and I’m still cool. I don’t get diverted by drunken antics. Maybe people just drink because of peer pressure, and don’t stop after a while. Alcohol addiction occurs when people say they’ll stop drinking at some point, but fail to overcome the temptation.


Myth #4 – “Alcohol is not a drug” – A drug is anything you ingest that modifies your body or behaviour. That’s what alcohol does – temporarily modifying your behaviour and depressing your body. Defenders of alcohol, or just stupid people in general, will say it’s not a drug. But they’re only following the misguided notion that all drugs are illegal drugs.


Myth #5 – “Alcohol is not as harmful as marijuana or cocaine” – I could go on all day about how much more harmful alcohol is to you than heroin. But an article in the Guardian already did it for me. Here, have a read.

There are more injuries caused by alcohol than any other drug out there, and yet it’s perfectly legal, while marijuana, a drug that’s proven to be less harmful, is illegal, and classified as a Class B drug. Ladies and gentleman, we have idiocy. I think alcohol is only still legal to protect the interests of the alcohol industry. Not to mention, there are people with extremely serious injuries that get admitted to the NHS, but whenever some drunken dimwit goes to the NHS, they get put before all of those really in need. It costs billions of pounds to treat them all, and it’s bleeding them dry.

The stupidity of our society is shown right here. Even freaking IMPOTENCE isn’t enough to convince them to stop?

In conclusion, I’ve never seen anything more stupid. I swear, people know that beer is bad for them after they woke up from a hangover, and they still do it. Wow! It’s no wonder why I’ve never drunken a pint of beer in my life. Again, I’m not saying it should be banned, that’s pretty much impossible. But I’m saying, how is such mass irresponsibility even possible?


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