We can respect nature without environmentalism


Everybody loves nature, except maybe big corporations. Respect, in this case, is admiration, reverence  and a sense of spiritual connection. In that sense, we already respect nature because have a connection with our pagan past, in many subtle ways. Environmentalism, however, has no such link. Environmentalism is the political distortion of this respect, and thus it is not truly respect for nature.

In some way, I’ve always been fascinated by nature. What’s not to like about it. The changing seasons, the flora and fauna, and the colourful landscapes in general. If anyone thought that I never had any influence from nature, then they’re wrong. I’ve always felt there was something mystical about when seasons change. When the clocks go back an hour, the skies get darker at an earlier time. I’ve always loved that as a kid. I’ve never known why, but there was always something of a special feeling when it happens, especially when you consider that it happens in the run up to Christmas. I also like the trees turning yellow in the autumn, especially when trees of different shades of yellow and orange are together, and form a natural work of art.

Autumn trees

Look at that. You’d have to be the CEO of a multi-national corporation not to love that.

Now that is what I call respect for nature. You don’t have to love every living thing. You just need that little sense of wonder that nature can inspire the first time you look upon its creation, which we are all introduced to at a very young age. That is respect for nature, and it has been like this for thousands of years. And yes, I have always secretly had this respect and fascination with nature for years. Am I a hippie? No. Have I smoked pot? No. Am I a pagan? No. Am I an environmentalist? Of course not!

Let me tell you why environmentalists don’t genuinely respect nature. The term “environmentalist” basically refers to someone who believes we should place the state of the planet before all else. That is something we can’t logically do. We’re humans, we have lots of better things to be concerned about than environmentalism. An environmentalist basically wants us to think of nature as something that’s all-powerful, and unforgiving of humanity’s past sins. Basically, an environmentalist places nature as his/her God. Fearing nature is not respecting nature. Fearing global warming is not respecting nature. And then there are some who believe that humanity as a species should be put to extinction. Anyone who thinks that is guilty of blasphemy against his fellow man. Bowing before nature is not the same as respecting it. We respect it when we keep it’s creation unspoiled, which means not doing anything to screw it up, even when you’re trying to save it.

If we take the cause of environmentalism blindly, then we cannot truly respect nature. I hope people will learn the difference between “respecting nature”, and “hippie-brand environmentalism”.


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