Adults treat kids like second class citizens

When I was a kid, the adults were always so unfair. It wasn’t just my sentiment; every kid thought that way. Then, I enter the sixth form at age 16, and all of a sudden the adults go through a face heel turn and start being nice to us kids, except to them we aren’t kids now. See, society has a double standard that exists; they call you a monster if you don’t like children (or if you like children way too much), but at the same they push kids around like they’re sandbags made of manure.

In school, teachers feel like they can push onto kids whatever religious belief or global warming propaganda they want, hoping they can brainwash the next generation. That’s precisely what was happening in my first British primary school, Pembroke Dock Community School. How did they try to brainwash me and my fellow kin? Well, at the end of every assembly they held had us sing a hymn, even those who weren’t Christian. They were also quite content with making us pray in assemblies. In one assembly, my Year 5 teacher said to my brother: “You should start bowing your head and saying Amen!”

Or at least that’s how we remember it.

The blatant religious indoctrination doesn’t stop in primary school. In my high school days, there were religious assemblies too. It wasn’t any different, we still all had to pray, and I remember being insulted when the last principal said that if we didn’t pray, it would be a good idea to “reflect”. It’s as though the kids don’t even have a right to their own religion.

“All bow and pray to the Lord, even though he may not even be your God, or even exist to you. We don’t care, because we’re adults, we get to do whatever we want to you.”

Even at home, the kids are oppressed by their parents. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes it’s subtle. How do they do it? They start by telling them how to react to pain when based entirely on sex when they have their first fall on the playground, which could be at age 2-3. They then introduce various lies (the tooth fairy, Santa, the boogeyman, the Devil, etc.) in order to keep kids on their “best behaviour”, while simultaneously teaching kids that lying is wrong (as was already explained in a post I wrote 4 days ago). Then, on top of that, every once in a while, they make kids do chores against their will.  The kids may get paid for doing the chores, but it’s against their will so it technically counts as slavery. Why would a parent do this? Because they’re lazy. Any parent will try to rationalize it as “helping out around the house”, but in actuality, they are making the kids do the work because they themselves don’t want to.

Also, family life is basically tyranny when you’re a kid, as in when you’re a kid, you’re always made to do what your parents told you, and they always want you to act and speak in a certain way, and they punish you for speaking your mind and thinking for yourself. That makes them dictators because they follow the mentality that kids don’t have a mind of their own. Don’t the kids have a right to free speech?

With all this I can safely come to the conclusion that adults publicly treat kids positively, but behind closed doors they see kids as nothing more than second-class citizens, how they can treat however they please because it makes them feel better about their own miserable lives.

I want this to stop. Yes, parents should still protect them, it’s their job to do that, but not at the cost of their freedom. I’ve been privy to this treatment of kids, as well as the hypocrisy of it all, since I was 9 and I’ve never stopped griping. I’ve often been cursed to carry the bricks of guilt and shame because it, and it was always miserable. For years I’ve never been able to speak the untold side of this unceasing hypocrisy, but now I have, and it feels so good to accomplish this.


6 thoughts on “Adults treat kids like second class citizens

  1. Are you 12?!?!? Sheesh, kids are coddled more than they ever have been. And now we see the result of that in your moronic post and generation, thinking you are so repressed. You wouldn’t have survived in any previous generation, not even close. You would have cried every day.

    Your religious comments are spot on, but everything else is a joke. Over the last 20 or so years, kids have been given everything on a freaking silver platter. You have no context and you don’t understand reality or history. It is the job of parents and adults to shape a kid so that hopefully they don’t turn out to be a whiny ass baby like you. But over the last 20 or so years, that has gone by the wayside and now we get the pathetic generation full of whiners and entitled babies like you. There are 20 television stations dedicated just to kids, there are a billion books and computer programs just for kids, thousands of movies just for kids, kids are given a voice these days, kids are given trophies for finishing last, kids are told they are all special and can do anything. The fact is, Johnny, who in 8th grade can barely spell his name, isn’t going to be able to do whatever he wants. Not everyone is equal, and not everyone has great talents. Just the way it is.

    For older Generations kids were in the back ground and were educated on how they should behave and how they should interact with other individuals and that they should respect other people, especially their Elders, who know a hell of a lot more than a little child with zero experience in the world.

    I see you made this post several years ago, so maybe you have grown up. However, knowing and having kids in your generation, I doubt it.

    The future looks bleak. Knowing that your generation will eventually run things, with its inability to cope with anything that doesn’t make them the center of the universe, is scary.

    So sad.

  2. I find that adults are far more irresponsible than children ever will. I’ve been around the block a few times, and it’s my firm belief that children are so much smarter than they’re made out to be. Adults have lost all accountability for what they do and they spend a good chunk of their lives creating these imaginary systems just so they can feel right.

    • I agree with you so much on this, though I wouldn’t say this about all children or adults. I’d definitely argue that the government is full of adults who’ve lost all sense of accountability. I’d also like to add that the adults have deliberately made their systems difficult for children to understand so that the children could not shape society in a positive way.

  3. Kids ARE second class citizens . Adults have the knowledge , experience and skill to make the world work. We build the houses, cars, roads, treat you when you are ill, etc. and maintain everything as well. Kids are TOTALLY dependent on adults.
    Problem is , kids are so spoiled today that they think they are in charge. Some adults found that they could use kids as a tool against criticism for being selfish- whether they are elbowing their way on to a plane first or cutting in line at the market. This led kids to think they are special, and they are no more special than any of us are. Many boss their parents around, and their parents are too scared to apply any meaningful discipline because they will be accused of abuse.
    This is the first generation in the history of the world that kids have been empowered above adults, especially the men. Fact is , they would starve and freeze to death if it weren’t for us, . AND If somebody says “you don’t have kids” just remind them that we have all BEEN kids, so we know best. There is no mystery , kids just become US is all, in other words they are just human beings and not any type of royalty to tip toe around. It is the adults today that are frequently treated like second class citizens, which is wrong because we are the first class ones, we have earned it. We should go back to the mantra that our grandparents knew “children should be seen and not heard”

    • The problem with your argument of “children should be seen and not heard” is that it denies them a voice. Yes, children are dependent on adults for the most part, and that’s the worst part about our relationship with them. Adults exploit the fact that kids need us to survive so that they may rule them with an iron fist. While it’s true that kids can and probably have exploited the way adults treat them, that is not true for everyone. If children really aren’t any more special than adults, isn’t that all the more reason to treat them as equals? I don’t advocate giving them more power than adults. I advocate that we stop telling them obvious lies and using them for our own ends. If we denied our children a voice, then we may as well be like dictators.

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