My thoughts on the Wii, the Wii U, and the future of Nintendo

With the Wii U coming out today, gamers are looking forward to Nintendo finally being able to facilitate hardcore gaming properly for the first time since the death of the Gamecube. As a childhood Nintendo gamer, I’ve been following the Wii U since its announcement in E3 2011, and I must say that it is an improvement over the Wii. Let’s take one thing into account. I first got the Wii for Christmas in 2007, where it was so hard to get due to it selling like hot cakes. The Wii was the next step from the Gamecube, so I was expect something awesome, especially given that the Wii used motion controls, which I wasn’t militantly opposed to when I was 13. But in the past 5 years, I’ve changed as a gamer, and now I’m a bitter, 18-year-old gamer who only wants gaming to stick to it’s traditional principles, which has been going on since the 80’s and is dying due to the arrogance of the technophiles, and the greed of technology corporations in general.

Back to the Wii, I’m very bitter when it comes to the Wii. I don’t hate it with a passion, it’s just the worst Nintendo console ever made (if you don’t count the Virtual Boy, which was a “portable” console). I hate the Wii because of its notoriously poor game library, which is littered with casual games (like those insufferable Just Dance games), games based on TV shows (even horrible ITV game shows), and several other third-party games from companies who either don’t know how to handle the Wii, or just couldn’t be asked to make good games. Also, I hate the motion control gimmick, because you can’t play real games with it, and it often doesn’t work. At least I got to play games from before I was born, using the Wii Shop Channel, which is actually what I praise the Wii for. But still, it’s a lot the other things, like the Wii’s flimsy online capabilities, obsession with unnecessary apps, and it’s sub-par graphics. The only merit it has is that it’s the pioneer of motion controls. But even it screws that up, and yet the Wii has managed to sell more than it’s obviously superior competitors (the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3) due to it being the most family oriented.

Thanks a lot! You’ve just ruined Nintendo’s credibility as a hardcore games console.

And now for the Wii U. Even though I won’t be getting the Wii U any time soon, I do believe it is a significant improvement. But as a person who wants to make games for real consoles in the distant future, I want to know if I can take the Wii U seriously as a platform for developing real games on. I was initially worried by the GamePad controller, thinking it would actually alienate hardcore games. And I don’t like the concept of there being two screens (one on the controller, and the other being your regular TV), because we only really need one. Wouldn’t you get distracted with two screens in front of you? But my worries were alleviated thanks to them releasing a Wii U “Pro Controller”, which offers a more traditional approach. It’s nice to see Nintendo getting its A-game back, and with the option of returning to its rightful traditions.

As for the library as games on the Wii U, it’s unimpressive to say the least. Why? Most of the launch titles are ports of games you could already get on Xbox 360 and PS3 (for example: Batman: Arkham City, Darksiders II, Call of Duty Black Ops II), and the library is made even worse with more of the same kind of games the Wii had (for instance, Just Dance 4 will come out for the Wii U when it launches). Not to mention, when I heard that Rayman Legends is to come out soon, I was severely disappointed when I learned that it would never be released to any console other than the Wii U, which makes no sense since Rayman Origins was released for all major consoles. But hopefully the planned “Super Smash Bros. Universe” will make up for it.

Now onto how I think the Wii U will affect Nintendo’s future. I’m hoping that the Wii U will mean that Nintendo will be taken seriously again, especially now that it can do all the things its competitors has, plus the option of a traditional controller. If Nintendo keeps going in the right direction, and stops trying to appeal to just the current generation, we’ll hopefully see the classic Nintendo that we’ve missed for so long.

Let’s hope it doesn’t fail, because we need Nintendo to still be around, as they’re the only major console company with actual principles. If Microsoft was dominant, then they’d run the video game industry like a heartless corporation. If Sony was dominant, they’d be free to whore it out and destroy all taste that it had.

As for whether or not I would develop on the Wii U, then I might consider it, as long as I’ve got the freedom make whatever I want, and to use the Pro Controller. But I don’t want to buy the Wii U right now. It’s very expensive, and there’s a limited number of enjoyable games on it (though I’m definitely considering Rayman Legends), and plenty of the games on it, I can already get for a Playstation 3 if I wanted to.


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