What the American family movie has to say about Hollywood

With around 30 days left to Christmas, there’s one thing you’ll be seeing a hell of a lot more of. That right, those damn family movies! I hate family movies of today, especially the ones that come out of Hollywood, especially if it happens to be a Christmas movie. Christmas specials of the old days weren’t so bad, and they might be enjoyable for…well…everyone. But after Jingle all the Way (“put the cookie down, now!”), Christmas movies and Christmas TV specials began to change for the worse. They began to be seen as something just for kids. Ergo, Hollywood has either a) decided to not even try, or b) deliberately keep them as goofy and camp, and above all clichéd as possible, complete with using the exact same cliché soundtrack over, and over again, especially in trailers.

And all the time, they all have same tired plot, and the same Hollywood message. I’ll give you a personal example of such deterioration.

The Santa Claus 3: The Escape Clause

This menace came straight from the icy depths of Hell, where Satan has to watch it every day in December.

When I was 12, I went to see this Christmas pile when it came out, and it was absolutely horrible. It was as though the movie itself had no soul, which is true because it came out of Hollywood. Nothing about it was right! The movie is a symptom of what’s wrong with the American family movie nowadays.

In the past, family movies had the capacity become timeless classics because they were for everyone, literally. Sure they can be a little too idealistic (The Neverending Story), a little too improbable (Honey I Shrunk the Kids), or even a little too dumb (A Troll in Central Park), but back in the old days, they at least had a chance, because the people making them actually gave a damn about what they were making.

Nowadays, Hollywood doesn’t give a damn anymore. They see it as “just for kids”, when the term “family movie” is meant for everyone. Yet Hollywood has been dumbing down family movies to an even deeper level for so long that even regular people now have this assumption.

For me, all movie genres are deserving of a fair chance, just that Hollywood has done so much damage that the genre is pretty much irredeemable nowadays. The reason why they still do it is because the processed garbage they created makes so much money compared to actual creativity, and that is what the American family movie of the 21st century has to say about Hollywood as a whole.


3 thoughts on “What the American family movie has to say about Hollywood

  1. I personally think family movies have always sucked, because they were always saccharine and dumb. I consider them kid’s movies, not family movies, because, even though they try to market it to kids and adults, in the end it’s always made predominantly for kids, because it’s kids who will enjoy the most, or the only ones who’ll enjoy them at all, perhaps not knowing any better. The only reason adults may watch is because they’re made to watch it with their kids, and you know they never want to do it, EVER.

    The problem is we keep demanding the same junk. Holloywood makes these things because they make more money, because we keep buying them, because we keep wanting them.

    • Not all family movies are inherently saccharine. Some are only like that at the end. The “family” part of it just means that it can be viewed by anyone. You only get the impression that they’re all bad from the glut of so many recent and terrible family movies. If you read the post, you should know how I argued my case. Who’s to say that single men don’t like them? You can’t judge who likes something and who doesn’t like it very fairly, and that’s why made no assumption of who likes it and who doesn’t in this entire post.

      • I’ll have you know I’ve seen 90’s family movies. They’re terrible as well. Did you forget that? And no, I don’t consider the Truman Show a family movie, just because of the PG rating. A rating is just a rating.

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