4 Reasons Why “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” Does Not Represent UK culture

There are a lot of things I truly hate about our media. Its assumption that all teenagers are brainless hooligans, its mindlessly false sense of moralism, the flood of bad daytime programming, in my opinion at least, it’s all just awful. But the worst part is its obsession with celebrities, and it’s assumption that we worship the ground they walk on, and like to spy on their equally mediocre lives. Recently, all the UK media seems to talk about is the universally terrible ITV show, “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here”, which has been mucking up our perception of culture since the last decade. If anyone told me that this is what British culture is about, then I’d frankly be outraged, because it isn’t what our culture is about, and here’s why.

  1. The central premise is mindless garbage – From what I understand, the whole point of the show is that a bunch of Z-list celebrities are flown to a jungle in Australia and must perform a series of trials, the completion of which determines who stays and leaves. Along the while, they have shots of celebrities interacting with one another. It’s not garbage because of the trials, it’s garbage because it’s so purely lowest-common denominator in nature, and only serves to feed some base desire to watch those of higher status get humiliated. That, and it just adds to the glut of reality TV shows taking after Big Brother, which started the craze in 1999.
  2. The celebrities are completely shallow – Let’s take a look at other famous Britons. Hugh Grant is a famous Hollywood actor. PaulMcCartney is a legendary singer who was part of the Beatles, and Wings, and campaigned on so many social issues. What are these celebrities famous for? Barely anything of worth. Let’s take note of the fact that Katie Price and Peter Andre were hardly recognisable until they appeared on the show, which says more about the show than the celebrities. But think about it. What if someone from another country saw it, and assumed all Brits are like this? Would you be offended? They are so unlikable, that they don’t even relate to real people.
  3. It shares the same false moralism as the tabloids – Why do I hate tabloids? Because they claim to be moral, and yet they are completely immoral in their practices, as we witnessed in July 2011. I think that the show itself is an effort on ITV’s part to try and say that celebrities are only as moral as you or I. But it fails at that. Not only do they not actually uphold this principle, but they are completely amoral in these practices. I know from experience that ITV1 consistently tries to act all moral and stuff, right down to their news anchors, but they’re another heartless corporation, which means their only concern is ratings.
  4. It could corrupt the next generation – What’s worse than airing mindless garbage? Airing mindless garbage to children. Even if they don’t watch it with their families, they can still watch it freely without their parents’ consent. Which is fine, but I’m more concerned with the potential damage done to future generations. Imagine if your young son or daughter grew up thinking the way these celebrities act on the show is perfectly acceptable. Imagine if every child in the UK grew up thinking that? The boys would be doing the unspeakable to girls, and the consequences could be dire. Worse still, imagine if young girls grew up molding themselves like some of the female celebrities. I don’t even want to imagine that!

Well, that was quite long. In conclusion, I apologize if I sound like some preacher with nothing better to do. But to me, everybody knows that we aren’t like the people on the show, but nobody’s going to stand up and say it. I hope I don’t have to talk about this again. But that’s just my opinion. What about you?


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